7 Important Tips To Win In Bebji After Season 11 Updates One Of The Unexpected

7 Important Tips To Win In Bebji After Season 11 Updates One Of The Unexpected

0.16.5 update of the game Bebji became available to everyone and many have already acquired it, but it remains to be known to the players how to deal with the new changes witnessed in the game after this latest version, which came in the eleventh season and had many adjustments, whether in the map or weapons and a number of tasks And, in order for the contestants to keep up on the high skills they have gained from previous versions of pubg mobile, we will present to you today seven important tips that help you win and reach delicious chicken dinner.

Bebji Tips Season 11 Choose a place and be patient

There is no doubt that in all cases you must choose the right place to land by parachute, because it is of great importance at the beginning of the game, but now and after some changes that the map has witnessed, you must, when landing, be patient and monitor the place where you landed well, and not rush to plunder only without being Be especially careful in the places that have been updated, try to monitor and recognize the place more than your attempts to plunder.

Choose your weapon wisely

Since Bebji relies on staying alive in fierce battles and rivalries, obtaining the appropriate assault weapon is definitely necessary and everyone is seeking it, so you must first look for the gun and try to acquire one of them as it is one of the best weapons especially in the beginning, especially for places that do not You know it well as you will be in direct confrontation, then after that you will seek a sniper weapon that you can deal with your opponents remotely, especially since the new map has become extended from all sides and you need to improve visibility as well through the special accessories that can be attached to the sniper rifle.

The armor in Bebji remains very important

Protecting yourself is an important and required thing in the game, so just as you are keen on obtaining assault rifles, it must be the same concern to acquire protective shields, and you must continuously get rid of the damaged ones and get everything you see from those important elements to keep you alive, and you must realize that Shields differ in their strength for that, but they do not always seek to obtain the strongest of them, one of them may be less powerful but at the same time less damaged, which makes it much better than others.

The fourth and fifth advice are about running

You should not continue to plunder until the last minute, especially if there is an attack coming on you or a storm, some people try to win as many items and tools as possible before fleeing, but unfortunately this does more harm than good for the player because in the end he is forced to run at his fastest speed, which is what makes him He does not turn around, which makes him an easy target for sniping. Likewise, when moving in Bebji, you must not take a straight path, but he must be constantly winding, trying to hide and hide so that you are not within the range of the fires of the opponents.

Use ammunition and barefoot the last two tips in Bebji 11

You have to be stingy to use ammunition while competing in Bebji in a big way, and do not fire your weapon unless you are sure of a large percentage of killing your enemy who was shot at him, shooting randomly is in itself a mistake in two ways, the first is that you reveal your place to your enemies and the second You lose large amounts of your ammunition without much benefit.

Perhaps the last advice is the most crazy and unexpected, and it includes that you play barefoot especially in the first period of your descent, this makes your opponents do not feel the sound of your feet, which gives you a great opportunity to move comfortably and get everything you need without anyone feeling you, So when starting, especially indoors and on top, you must take off your shoes, as this is very important.