Corona virus spreads on 4 continents The number of infected cases has risen to 1287, of which 237 are serious and 41 deaths China begins building a

Corona virus spreads on 4 continents .. The number of infected cases has risen to 1287, of which 237 are serious and 41 deaths .. China begins building a hospital with 1,000 beds within 6 days .. Britain is tracking 2000 people who entered its territory from Wuhan

The number of infected cases has risen to 1287

Chinese authorities have deployed military doctors and closed more cities to limit the spread of the new Coronavirus, with reports emerging of hospitals in the outbreak fighting to grapple with the increasing number of patients.

New cases have been reported in the United States, Europe, Australia and Malaysia, as the virus is now on four continents. In China.

And the National Health Committee said on Saturday that there are 1,287 confirmed cases, of which 444 are new, while 41 people have died, while 237 cases are still in a serious stage.

The Chinese People's Liberation Army has sent 450 medical personnel, including those with experience in fighting epidemic epidemics, to Wuhan to help in local hospitals, according to Xinhua News Agency.

The "South China Morning Post" newspaper reported that health centers in Wuhan are struggling to treat hundreds of patients, with many being kept away from overcrowded hospitals with patients lying in crowded corridors.

The large increase in deaths in China indicates that the virus is not yet under control despite serious steps taken by the authorities there to limit the movement of millions of people who live in cities near the outbreak. The restrictions come during the lunar new year, the country's largest celebration in which billions of trips are usually taken for holidays and family visits.

The British newspaper "The Guardian" said that the Chinese city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak of the Corona virus, began the ambitious task of building a hospital with 1000 beds in just six days to treat the victims of the epidemic.

It quoted the official Zhanjiang Daily newspaper that to speed up the construction process, the hospital is being built with prefabricated buildings around a holiday complex originally intended for local workers, located in gardens by a lake on the outskirts of the city.

Although the schedule is ambitious, China has a model for building hospitals on short notice in response to major health crises. In 2003, during the outbreak of SARS, 7,000 workers in Beijing built the Xiaotangshan Hospital in the northern suburbs in just one week.

Wuhan authorities said that Xiaotangshan Hospital, which was also built using prefabricated buildings, is the template for the new facility in Wuhan, which is being built on an area of ​​25,000 square meters.

China begins building a hospital with 1,000 beds within 6 days

The hospital in the Chinese city was distinguished by individual isolation units that resembled rows of small rooms. Within two months, a seventh of all SARS patients in the country had been treated, according to the "Zhanjiang Daily" newspaper, describing it as "a miracle in the history of medical science." The facility was closed after less than two months after a major breakthrough on SARS in China.

China State Engineering Construction, one of the companies building the hospital, said on Friday that it has more than 100 workers on site.

The pictures on government television showed a wave of activity at the muddy site with dozens of rigs painted in different colors with great effort during the preparation of the land, as there was a flow of trucks transporting materials and equipment.

The Guardian newspaper said that the use of temporary buildings not only facilitates rapid construction but also keeps the cost low.

Xinhua said the new facility aims to "reduce the lack of medical treatment resources and improve the capacity to care for patients."

On the other hand, the British newspaper "The Guardian" said that health officials are cooperating with Border Force agents and airlines in an attempt to track about 2000 people who have recently traveled to the United Kingdom from Wuhan, Chinese province, the epicenter of the deadly coronavirus.

So far, tests on 14 people in the UK have been negative as the government seeks to allay fears of the virus spreading.

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