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Features of the new update for the official PUBG MPBILE emulator

Features of the new update for the official PUBG MPBILE emulator

In the context of expanding the popularity of the game, the first of its kind on mobile devices, the company Tencent Game, which is the owner and developer of the game, developed a simulator for the game Buggy Mobile to allow players to play the mobile version on computers, the emulator came in the name of the company Tencent Game before you give his rights and sell it in a way Official for Game Loop company, which worked on developing and adding many features to this emulator, which made it a great base for playing mobile games on computers, as it was not enough to just add a mobile phone to it, because it added a huge number of games, including the game Colette Dyote, which is the biggest competitor of Buggy Mobile game

First: the main interface

The company worked to improve and beautify the main interface of the emulator, because the old interface did not change in the previous two updates of this update, it has in this new update, which is considered an upgrade by adding more menus that help the user to reach his goal as soon as possible, and in this picture the added lists are shown New: -

Second: The user's games list

The company also learned to add a single list that contains the games that you have downloaded and installed on the emulator, this list shows you detailed information for your game and informs you if there is a new update for your game, and in this image is an explanation of the new list: -

Third, the list of live games broadcast

The most important thing in this update is that a list of direct broadcasts has been added that can broadcast all players who downloaded the emulator and published it in this list directly as it is not limited to professionals only, but all players can do a live broadcast while playing any of the emulator games, and this image The new list clarifies but no broadcasts, due to my lack of logging in, so it is necessary to allow you to view broadcasts in this list, so you must log in with your account and if you do not have an account, you can create a new account for free inside the emulator

Size of the update

You can now do the update by entering the Emulator Settings menu and clicking on the Uptade option and it will automatically download and install the new update with a size of 700 MB.


Pigeon season 12 leaks, release date, different situations and huge features

Although we are at the beginning of Season 11 of the Bebji game, the popularity of the game and its various updates, makes its fans look forward to knowing all its news and seeing the latest updates and features. The latest update, which was No. 0.16.5 in the eleventh seasons, came under the name "Operation Tomorrow", Since its beginning was only two days ago, and some may see that talking about the next season is an early matter because at least it still has a period of no less than a month and a half, but you may be really surprised when you know that many of its specifications have already been leaked, especially as it is now subject to experiment .

Specifications of PPGI Season 12

There is a feature that will be activated in this season, on top of which is voice control, where you will be able to control the level of voice chat to your teammate by reducing, raising or permanently closing it, there is also a color blind mode which the developers have talked about before, which is a new attraction For more players as it targets people who have vision problems, and this is in line with the goals of Tencent, which seeks to win more new customers, it has previously released a light version to suit smart phone owners with poor specifications.
In Bebji 12 there is a cold or ice mode, and it is clear from his name that there will be a harsh competitive environment, which players may not be able to endure without the availability of some advantages that help them to do so, and most certainly warm resources such as wood that is ignited to generate enough fire to warm them, too. Food items, as evidenced by one of the photos, are the presence of wood next to the antelope, which confirms our conversation because food, and specifically meat, will work to generate energy in players ’bodies, which helps them withstand these harsh conditions.

Bebji Season 12 Season

There are other specifications, perhaps the most prominent of which is a re-depiction of how a teammate died or what is called Death Replay, a feature taken from the Call of Duty game, and once again the developers quote some of the characteristics and features of this competing fighting game, there are skins, whether the contestants will use them as clothes with what they distinguish From defensive capabilities that act as shields, or that are covered by other elements, on top of which are weapons, there are other leaks about a new situation that this season may include under the title “Let's play together.” Some have likened it to the game Knight, which seeks to be a societal game through communication between Individuals and apparently pubg t Ay is the other for it.
As for the date for the release of the Bebji update, which will come in the twelfth season, there is not yet a specific date, especially that we are still in the eleventh season, but in principle the indicators confirm that it will be after 10 March 2020, and because the matter is still less than two months before that, it is expected That there be new things, elements and tools that we will undoubtedly talk about once they leak.

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