Fortnite Chinese New Year update brings non-fabulous features

Fortnite Chinese New Year update brings non-fabulous features

Fortnite Chinese New Year update brings non-fabulous features

Fortnite game continues to launch its continuous updates in order to provide a number of new features for players that they can use during play to create an exciting and exciting competitive environment, and the last of these updates was the update of the Chinese New Year, bringing with it a number of additions and superstitious features, and interested in adding a number Among the features that were not included in the last update is the end of 2019, in addition to activating it for some of the launched features that the players could not use.

Constant update and new features

And before we publish to you the most prominent features included in the Chinese New Year update of the fortnite game, we remind you of the most prominent events that the game went through during the past year, the most prominent of which was the game’s halt due to the black hole trick that resulted from the launch of a Qeba missile in the center of the island and led to its burning completely In a scene that was broadcast live for 48 hours, the screens suddenly pervade and then the game pauses for several months.

Amid the shock caused by the Fort Knight hiatus, its owner, EPIC Games, came back with a sudden update to bring the game back, and it was called the second season update for the eleventh season, then followed by update v11.31.1 and was provided for Mac, iOS and Nintendo Switch - Android, Xbox One and PS4, before it ended in 2029 with its new winter update, ice fishing, icy vehicles and snowy rainy weather.

Chinese New Year update

As for the new internal update that was launched by the game Fort Knight recently, which is considered the first update in 2020 and launched suddenly, the players did not feel it, but its full features and additions were obtained, and it is the Chinese New Year update that included the launch of a number of different new dances, and a number of new clothing portions. , Along with a set of complementary small maps, gift boxes and rewards in its new form, and the availability of the deadly "Flynn Knock" weapon that was stopped during the last period.

The Chinese year update of fortnite game ugn jtudg also made the presence of a weapon in a cylindrical store, in addition to enjoying the new flying flag banner, as well as obtaining daily tasks from Save The World, snow grenade and new nutcracker,

Fortnite Chinese New Year update brings non-fabulous features

Fortnite seeks to change permanently in order to maintain the adherence of the players, as well as win more contestants, as the modifications made in the game's competitive society eliminate the boredom felt by fortnite fans, and the additions made by electronic games are not necessarily that It is only related to content, items and tools, and if for sure it is more important for the contestants if the changes are related to playing the game, but this time Epic has made changes to the laws of the game.

Fortnite issues new laws for 2020

All combat games seek to preserve justice and balance while practicing competition, and its developers always announce that any collusion between players will definitely lead to the ban, the famous American game may have more advantage in terms of cheating inside it, at a time when hackers and pranksters spread inside it, we find It is within Fortnite the matter being complacency while playing between the competitors, which appears more clearly during competitive matches, the developers have revealed that there are movements and signals between opponents, such as many emotions aimed at leniency and collusion between them.
Fortnite aims to eliminate pacifism as they call it during competition, it is a fighting game and any collusion will spoil it and reduce its enjoyment and excitement, so APEC has announced that starting from January 21st, major penalties will be imposed on opponent players who refer to each other in order to Negligence and spoiling the matches, and by repeating such signs, the penalty for them will increase, which will eventually reach the final ban, from which the game officials indicated that they want to be very clear, and that any attempt to manipulate the contestants will lead to severe consequences.

Actions that Fort Knight would consider violations

In its statement issued on those laws, Epic indicated that there are some actions that, if taken, will lead to the application of penalties to players, such as one of them dropping a certain object from him to be picked up and used by a competitor against his team, as well as teamwork and the players work together and plan together, even though they are From competing teams, as well as the agreement between two or more contestants from opposing players to land in specific locations, or to navigate through the map in a planned manner before the start of the match, communicate with each other through verbal or kinetic signals.

From the above it seems that Fort Knight seeks to limit any attempts to spoil the game through fraud or deception, especially that the European and American community rejects such matters in electronic games, and this has led to the fact that many of them deserted the Bebji game for these reasons, and made many accusations To the Chinese company Tencent that it facilitates this matter for its players from China and India