One of the most important aspects of PUBG MOBILE to win and everyone overlooks it so be sure to know it

One of the most important aspects of PUBG MOBILE to win and everyone overlooks it so be sure to know it

PUBG MOBILE Korean continues to excel and adds a tremendous new feature Get to know it

All players in PUBG MOBILE are interested in knowing everything new about them, and being familiar with all the tips and instructions announced by the top players on their personal accounts, whether on Facebook, Twitter or through their YouTube channels, but most of the time we find that these instructions are mostly only regarding weapons or offensive and defensive strategies Whether the match is individual, bilateral or team, there is a very important aspect that many people do not overlook, which is the vehicles inside the pubg, they have distinct roles that many players may not know how to use them optimally.

The most important vehicles in PUBG MOBILE

Everyone should realize that the vehicles are located only in urban areas and places near them, and before we talk about the best of them you must know two things, the first of which is not to drive your vehicle that you are driving in a straight path Try to drive in a winding line to avoid your injury by shooting you, also try Not jumping from the vehicle while it is moving, this will strike you and reduce your vitality and lose a lot of health, but for the most prominent cars that enable you to perform more professional, the first is Dacia, which contains four seats and is characterized by speed and maneuverability, and the strength that enables it to bump other vehicles on the road Or run over the players hyped To them it also has special abilities to walk in the Badlands.

The second important vehicle in PUBG MOBILE is the motorcycle, which is the best means of movement for only two players, it is characterized by speed and ability to maneuver and move easily and without problems in the terrain, but if you have five other people, that is, you are a team of six players, the best vehicle for you is trucks Although they are somewhat slow, when the speed increases, the situation improves and one of the best things about them is that they can withstand shooting and penetrate bullets.

UAZ is a strategic choice in PUBG MOBILE

The Always car remains the best strategic options for the game, enough for four people and has a strong structure that can withstand shocks and does not represent any problems for its passengers if they are shot, it also can withstand the road as it can withstand the shocks of other vehicles and work to remove them from its path, but at the same time It may make you suffer if you try to escape with it as it is heavy and unable to maneuver quickly, so if you know that there is a red area near you it is better for you not to use it if you want to survive and win.
The last and important vehicle in Bebji is that it is drawn by horses, it has a great advantage and is walking in rough terrain, and it certainly suits only two players, but unfortunately it has a serious disadvantage, which is that the back seat in which your colleague is sitting is subject to being shot by opponents, which is what It makes him an easy target for enemies and easily lose his life.


The Korean version of the Buggy Mobile millions game, which has met a wide and terrible spread recently, continues, because of the updates and fun additions that the company is doing in each new version of it, with a goal to bring more players to the game, as the number of game versions has now reached version No. 0.16 5. As the number 5 indicates an internal update that carries the new seizon from each parallel update to the number 16 in the issue number, as for the additions of other versions of Bebji Mobile, it has become more prevalent than most of the huge games on the computer
Where the company Tencent Game is trying to issue multiple versions of the game to reduce the pressure on the game servers and is also trying to win new players all the time by issuing updates, in this article we will talk about the Korean version of Bebji and its distinctive and outstanding continuous additions .. Follow us: -

 Korean version features New added feature

The company that developed the Korean version recently a short time ago added a new activity, which is the cupboard, of course it is present in the international version, but what distinguishes it is that it gives you every day 60 UC card, which is the card of 60 years of intensity for players, to allow the experience of wrapping the cupboard for free, meaning that it gives you overall For a period of 660 UC you use them only for cupboard wrapping and you can win fairy, cosmopolitan and rare objects and habits through the cupboard, such activities are done by Korean Buggy in every short period, within the framework of distinguished from the international version.

You can install the game on the phone from the official store for Android devices (Google Play), as you are the owners of the iPhone can download it from the official store of the system (APP STORE), and to learn more about the method of installation, and the links of the game on the official stores, follow this article, where it will be explained by all Steps, methods and instructions.

Discover what's new for every PUBG MOBILE update before everyone else

After the huge and tremendous spread achieved by the mobile phone game, as it is the first game on Android and IOS systems that allows playing the Royal Battle, recently the number of players of this game reached more than 200 million players, whether on the Android system or IOS or computer simulators, in the framework of Improving the playing experience and attracting more players The company downloads updates for the game in every period, as the version number reached 0.16.0 for the global version, meaning that the company issued 16 updates to the game since its inception, in each update it adds many great features, most of which are suggestions made by players To the company via the official forum The developed company Tenent Game is what makes it distinct from other games, in this article we will show you how to know the advantages of any upcoming update of the game before everyone: -

In the context of what the company is doing to listen to the opinions of the players to improve the game, the developed company has made the beta version of the game available, including being able to know everything that is new with the upcoming update of the basic version, because the company is launching the next update on the beta version before putting it to the basic version a month or Two months, to listen to the opinions of the players while trying to update and amend it when necessary.