PUBG MOBILE Korean continues to excel and adds a tremendous new feature Get to know it

PUBG MOBILE Korean continues to excel and adds a tremendous new feature Get to know it

PUBG MOBILE Korean continues to excel and adds a tremendous new feature Get to know it

The Korean version of the Buggy Mobile millions game, which has met a wide and terrible spread recently, continues, because of the updates and fun additions that the company is doing in each new version of it, with a goal to bring more players to the game, as the number of game versions has now reached version No. 0.16 5. As the number 5 indicates an internal update that carries the new seizon from each parallel update to the number 16 in the issue number, as for the additions of other versions of Bebji Mobile, it has become more prevalent than most of the huge games on the computer
Where the company Tencent Game is trying to issue multiple versions of the game to reduce the pressure on the game servers and is also trying to win new players all the time by issuing updates, in this article we will talk about the Korean version of Bebji and its distinctive and outstanding continuous additions .. Follow us: -

 Korean version features New added feature

The company that developed the Korean version recently a short time ago added a new activity, which is the cupboard, of course it is present in the international version, but what distinguishes it is that it gives you every day 60 UC card, which is the card of 60 years of intensity for players, to allow the experience of wrapping the cupboard for free, meaning that it gives you overall For a period of 660 UC you use them only for cupboard wrapping and you can win fairy, cosmopolitan and rare objects and habits through the cupboard, such activities are done by Korean Buggy in every short period, within the framework of distinguished from the international version.

You can install the game on the phone from the official store for Android devices (Google Play), as you are the owners of the iPhone can download it from the official store of the system (APP STORE), and to learn more about the method of installation, and the links of the game on the official stores, follow this article, where it will be explained by all Steps, methods and instructions.

Discover what's new for every PUBG MOBILE update before everyone else

After the huge and tremendous spread achieved by the mobile phone game, as it is the first game on Android and IOS systems that allows playing the Royal Battle, recently the number of players of this game reached more than 200 million players, whether on the Android system or IOS or computer simulators, in the framework of Improving the playing experience and attracting more players The company downloads updates for the game in every period, as the version number reached 0.16.0 for the global version, meaning that the company issued 16 updates to the game since its inception, in each update it adds many great features, most of which are suggestions made by players To the company via the official forum The developed company Tenent Game is what makes it distinct from other games, in this article we will show you how to know the advantages of any upcoming update of the game before everyone: -

In the context of what the company is doing to listen to the opinions of the players to improve the game, the developed company has made the beta version of the game available, including being able to know everything that is new with the upcoming update of the basic version, because the company is launching the next update on the beta version before putting it to the basic version a month or Two months, to listen to the opinions of the players while trying to update and amend it when necessary.


6.1Karakin Al-Kharafi Update

The new Bebji update allowed the addition of a new island to the battlefield bearing the name Karakin, which is distinguished as an island measuring 2 x 2 km off the coast of North Africa, and differs from its counterparts from the game’s islands as a desert environment in which the smuggling gangs are active and it is barren and rocky. Conflicts are very difficult and dangerous, and require speed in the performance of combat missions so as not to fall easy prey to competitors, can accommodate 64 players, and require the supply of weapons and machine guns due to long distances in the mountains.

Kraken Island also carries a tactical urban conflict and hidden underground battles, especially the most dangerous Black Zone in which it is located, which was designed to keep players away from the building's integrity, and it is also characterized by the danger in it randomly, with the roughness of nature in it, and despite that you see Cities and vehicles are not damaged, and you must pay attention that when you hear the siren, you must quickly clear the purple circle on the minimap.

Players' Voice Control

And before we reveal to you how to control players ’blocks in the new squad at Bebji, we point out that 6.1Karakin update is now available, knowing that the walls and floors in the new map contain penetration points that can be destroyed using sticky bombs, with easy penetration through the back of The building or through the roof, as the lead can penetrate the weak walls, and for the first time saving glider can fly over that island at a speed of 65 km / h by pressing the S key.

As for the option to control the voices of players in the pubg game, it is a new feature that did not exist before and was not available with the movement of improvements that were added to the tasks and settings of the buttons before, and only that feature depends on activation, and it will be a new addition awaited by fans and fans of the game.


The Buggy Mobile game revealed the details of its next new update for the sixth season, which is scheduled to start during the next few days, which will come just two weeks after the start of Season 11, which provided many light, medium and heavy weapons, shields and umbrellas that can be safely landed at the airport The Old and Puchenky, as he added the old map and returned it again in the warehouse phase and provided it with a number of new features, and worked to integrate the Groza weapon from 48 to 45 to absorb the damage of players and try to save them, while the next update aims to return a number of maps and remove other.

New PUBG Update 6.1

The Bebji game aims to update the sixth season that has a major uproar in the world of electronic games, and to expand its wide spread operations, so it will provide a new island for landing and fighting on it more widely, which is the island of Karakin, which was called the merciless island, and to stay in it you must follow new strategies and combat missions Fierce tactics, Vikendi's map will be removed for future reference.

The new island is the largest island in the regions of Africa, which has been the site of many conflicts, looting, robbery, fighting and major thefts, which formed large corridors for those who lived on its land and are witnessing great conflicts in the new sixth season, we give you all the details of that island and the factors of survival and survival Life is upon her.

Krakin island attractions

And with the availability of the new battel ground monster and the new buildings on the island, it has clear weaknesses that players can pass through and win through with new sticky bombs to destroy the walls and pounce on enemies suddenly, and that island bears a special character by adding the black area, but you can stay inside the fortifications Located on it, then avoid the missile attack.

You can enter the race with the shakedown season card and flee as soon as you hear the sirens sounding throughout the island. You can get the bass card through the menu bar. You can also get the latest weapons and take off the plane after providing it with the necessary fuel and traveling at a speed of not less than 70 km.