PUBG Update 6.1 Season 6 Remove Vikendi map and subtract karakin island New PUBG Update 6.1

PUBG Update 6.1 Season 6 Remove Vikendi map and subtract karakin island

PUBG Update 6.1 Season 6 Remove Vikendi map and subtract karakin island

The Buggy Mobile game revealed the details of its next new update for the sixth season, which is scheduled to start during the next few days, which will come just two weeks after the start of Season 11, which provided many light, medium and heavy weapons, shields and umbrellas that can be safely landed at the airport The Old and Puchenky, as he added the old map and returned it again in the warehouse phase and provided it with a number of new features, and worked to integrate the Groza weapon from 48 to 45 to absorb the damage of players and try to save them, while the next update aims to return a number of maps and remove other.

New PUBG Update 6.1

The Bebji game aims to update the sixth season that has a major uproar in the world of electronic games, and to expand its wide spread operations, so it will provide a new island for landing and fighting on it more widely, which is the island of Karakin, which was called the merciless island, and to stay in it you must follow new strategies and combat missions Fierce tactics, Vikendi's map will be removed for future reference.

The new island is the largest island in the regions of Africa, which has been the site of many conflicts, looting, robbery, fighting and major thefts, which formed large corridors for those who lived on its land and are witnessing great conflicts in the new sixth season, we give you all the details of that island and the factors of survival and survival Life is upon her.

Krakin island attractions

And with the availability of the new battel ground monster and the new buildings on the island, it has clear weaknesses that players can pass through and win through with new sticky bombs to destroy the walls and pounce on enemies suddenly, and that island bears a special character by adding the black area, but you can stay inside the fortifications Located on it, then avoid the missile attack.

You can enter the race with the shakedown season card and flee as soon as you hear the sirens sounding throughout the island. You can get the bass card through the menu bar. You can also get the latest weapons and take off the plane after providing it with the necessary fuel and traveling at a speed of not less than 70 km.


A general rule that most electronic games work with, including Bebji, is that updating the content is not enough to attract players and connect them to the game, but the prizes are also important, so developers of this type of action games try to offer many rewards, and organize many festive events full of fun away from the atmosphere Competition and fighting, and in the framework of that pubg launched what is called Prosperous Spring, an event related to the spring, especially with the approaching winter season, when everyone is able to win many prizes.

 PUBG MOBILE Awards and rewards are offered to all players globally and how to get them

Bebaji Rewards details

This event includes two other major events, the first of which starts from now until the sixth of next February, and is called the Spring Party Lantern Exchange or winning the unique festive uniforms in the game, through which a number of tools through which they can form lamps or lanterns are collected in four different stages Where they are allowed to cooperate with each other in order to complete this mission, knowing that every lantern or lamp from them requires its construction to provide five unique materials, and the prizes for that event will be a group of rare clothes with a wonderful and attractive appearance.
The second event in Bebji's celebration is titled Red Packet Drops, through which gift cards for the Google Play store and Apple Store gift cards are won, as well as winning this Air Pods in addition to another set of gifts, and this event starts from Friday, January 24 to Tuesday Twenty-eighth of the same month, players can participate in these events through the main menu for their account on pubg mobile, to start receiving different and unique gifts, and this is another set of rewards that can be obtained, and it will be clear to the competitors by entering them on their accounts.

The latest webpage updates

It is worth noting that during the last few days the game witnessed a set of updates that came in version 0.16.5, after additions that entered the game in its eleventh season on mobile, and that version is the most common and used among its fans, as it achieved a record number since its release in 2017 until now, In the number of downloads, which reached 600 million copies, these updates included drones, which are used to collect data and information about opponents, their whereabouts, positioning and armament.

There were also other adjustments in Bebji with regard to the death race, in which vehicles chosen by players equipped with many weapons are used, in addition to other additions that have been talked about more than once before, and competitors are awaiting some other conditions and modifications that have already been talked about, Perhaps the most important of these is the horror mode that impressed everyone with its fairy features and new environment on electronic games in general, as its content revolves in the wild forests that were filled with black magic in the Middle Ages.


PUBG MOBILE game, like all combat electronic games, the most important elements in it are undoubtedly the weapons, they are the ones that help you confront your opponents and compete with them and get rewards and rewards and win games, and the more and more the player's experience with these weapons the better chance he has before him to achieve victory, for this It is best for all pubg enthusiasts to know the full information about the weapon he uses, in order for this to increase his skill of use and to know the positions and places that suit the weapons, whether they are offensive or defensive.

Types of weapons in Bebji

There is no doubt that you need to acquire a sniper rifle, because you will be exposed to situations where you and your enemies have many terrain and long distances with which you will need this type of gun when engaging with them, and perhaps the most prominent of these types is AWM with distinct ability from faraway places, but really difficult is Finding it is rare within the game, due to its great importance, but there are alternatives to it which are M24 and Kar94K, although their capabilities are much lower, but they do the job well, so you should get one of them even if only temporarily until you get the AWM if you can that.
Sniper rifles in Bebji are definitely not suitable for all situations and places. For example, if you storm a building, you need weapons that only fire one shot at a time, so you need DMRs, which are those that fire a fire rate that suits you in such situations that are It has close to your opponents, there is also the quality ARs and it has a higher firing rate, but at the same time its range is lower than the previous type.

Other alternatives to Bebji's former weapons

Although the foregoing is the most important weapon in the game, there are good alternatives in the event that you are unable to obtain that precedent, for example the M762, AKM and MK47 are also sniper rifles and differ among them in terms of range and bounce rate, but it is the rest of the specifications there There are minor differences that do not significantly affect the use, you should also know that this type of S686, S1897 and S12K rifles have great capabilities in direct close confrontation, which you can use when landing and start looking for looting especially if your landing comes in a crowded area.

When practicing the game, you must think carefully about the situation in which you are or are coming, and therefore this makes you choose accurately, and you also need to think about your possession of the shields that help you defend yourself, they are very important, so the preservation of your life is required more than you By killing others, this is not all but at least it is a simple guide that helps you start, stand up and win, and as you play the game further you will discover more.