The new Fortnite update allows side weapons to be used and get Ice Fishin Fortnite

The new Fortnite update allows side weapons to be used and get Ice Fishin Fortnite

The Fort Knight game unveiled the most prominent and strong updates in the new year 2020 of the Battle Pass mode, which brought with it many fabulous features that epic games, the owner of the game, want to enhance its strong start after returning from the black hole setback that caused the destruction of the island and its collapse and stopped the game with it for several Months, as the January update included the most prominent formations of the new winter season, ice clothing and ice fishing, and these superstitious additions are expected to attract a new number of players, especially with the large and wide spread of the game throughout the world in recent months.

Update the Battle Pass from fortnite

The game launched within the update of the supplement of the second semester of the eleventh season, the update of the Battel Bass, which is considered one of the most important updates that the fans and fans of Fort Knight had awaited, and brought with it a new assortment of light, medium and heavy weapons, in addition to developing a new set of wide and assistance maps and a number of new vehicles In addition to the amazing pistol that helps you to recover and quickly return to competition, in addition to a developer program that works to eliminate the phenomenon of hackers  and reduce them and immediately prohibit cases of fraud and fraud. It also carried the new update from fortnite with a number of gift boxes and rewards, and this feature is unique to that game and distinguishes it from many other famous electronic games, as it has allowed 6 new medals medals to help you advance to the highest levels in the game and win the competitors, and each medal has its own and individual features Which we have explained to you in previous articles.

Ice fishing and new clothing feature

As for the most prominent thing included in the new update of the game Fort Knight, it developed the winter with a cold and rainy winter atmosphere, the atmosphere of ice and the colors of white snow, which launched a new collection of clothes that fit this phase, skiing and practicing many strong competitions on it, using a number of tasks that were Provide them especially for those games.

Finally, the January 2020 winter update added a new and interesting idea, ice fishing, which is inspired by the idea of ​​hunting with weapons, clothes and custom vehicles that help you to hide to hunt wild animals associated with this environment, and then adapt to compete with opponents along the same lines.

LifeRun update in Fortnite update 2020

That fortnite managed during the recent period to reserve its position among the most prevalent games thanks to the continuous updates that brought the game back to its luster after the black hole trick that flooded the island and Fort Knight stopped with it for several months. Save the World, which costs approximately $ 40, to allow gameplay to allow one team to face waves of enemies, and the company aspires to attract millions of new players after receiving more than 250 million players and obtained more than $ 2.4 billion during the last period.

The Battel Bass update from Fort Knight The new Fortnite update included a number of superstitious additions, most notably:

New creative style available at PAX South 2020 gaming festival.

Allow players to create custom maps and mini games.

Make extended improvements to all of the game's audio and visual effects.

Add new music to create a fun healthy environment while playing.

Introduced a number of new housing, armor and ounce.

Introduce light, heavy, and medium weapons, machine guns, pistols, and new vehicles.

A comprehensive change to the shapes and types of clothes in bright colors.

Subtract a variety of axes.

Providing a number of new dances, the most important of which is Best Mates.

New Raise the Roof dance available.