The second beta of Mario Kart Tour is available for all users to try

The second beta of Mario Kart Tour is available for all users to try

Mario Kart Tour game developers launched the second beta of the multi-player game, which is now available for all users to try out.

The first beta release of Mario Kart Tour game with more than one player support for Gold Pass subscribers only during the last period, while this version is launched for the general experience.

This release of Mario Kart Tour is set to allow users to compete against other players in real time.

Nintendo has stopped making an appointment to test the game, and game developers have confirmed that new details will be revealed inside game events or through the game's official social media accounts.

It is noteworthy that the company was criticized at the launch of the first trial version in Gold Pass, which comes with a monthly subscription of approximately $ 5, but the game comes with a set of features that include great graphics, with a touch-based control system with a distinct experience.


Mario; in Japanese: マ リ オ, Mario is a fictional character from the most important video game characters and the main character in the Super Mario video game series written by Japanese game designer Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo Corporation. The character is considered the official mascot of Nintendo.

Mario is a very short photographer, dressed in the famous blue and red cape and his red cap, an Italian plumber, but originally from Brooklyn, currently living in the "Kingdom of Mushrooms", and he is known to thwart evil plans that aim to kidnap Princess Beach, usually from the main enemy is Bawser, and subdue The Kingdom of Mushrooms. Brave, light-hearted and cooperates with his brother Luigi.

Mario is one of the most known characters in the world and has many games on Nintendo devices. "Luigi" But Luigi is hundreds of times better than him "Donkey Kong" a great gamer monkey Variety of gameplay in different dialogues such as "Atari 2600", NES, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Game Boy and Nintendo 64, and finally on the Wii Interview.

The first appearance of Mario in the blue dress and the red cap in the world of video games in about twenty seven years, along with another legend in the world of games is the character "Donkey Kong" invented the character "Mario" Japanese creator Shigeru Miyamoto

Initially, Mario did not have this name, but rather his name was Mario or "the bouncy man." This young man met with great success and was admired by video game fans, so "Miyamoto" decided to adopt this character as one of the video game heroes after he was named Mario to appear as a main character in Mario Brothers Mario Brothers game, which was the first game in two-dimensional technology, the creativity of "Miyamoto" and the rapid success of Mario's character in the gaming world, which prompted the company "Nintendo" to speed up the issuance of two new versions of the Super Mario series on the Nintendo Entertainment System